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About Us

About Us :


We started our journey in 2019 with having the quality vision in our mind with higher thoughts to fulfil the requirements of super quality food grades in Dehydrated onion category. All exporting and trading business operations are performed with sheer dedication to strengthen our identity in various global markets. We believe and committed for best quality delivery by Understanding the customers demands, we partnered with highly known and trusted vendors after making quality audit inspection. Our offered product portfolio comprising Dehydrated White Onion,Dehydrated Red Onion, Dehydrated Pink onion and more is widely popular for highest quality standards. We deliver orders, both large and small, in a less time frame to different locations in the all over world with excellent logistics support. Safe delivery of superior quality Dehydrated Onion makes us a preferred choice of several clients. Our motto is to provide after sales quality service too. we take feedback of our clients for their order at routine level. We have annual turn over around 20 lakhs per annum as of now and its gradually increasing year by year with the help of our expertise team members.

“We are committed to spread the goodness of Indian spices
industry in all over world”

Spice industry is very vast and very demanding from every corner ofthe world due to its adoption and used in daily food routine.


Dehydrated Onion : 


Indian kitchens are full of positive energy in form of veggies and spices, which are to be used since vaidik time. our ancestor and saints were told us about the benefit of all spices and consume the veggies by the vedas, who is known as “Ayurveda”. In ayurved onion plays a very important role, whether we talk about the cure of any treatment in form of its original state, in form of oil or in form of powder. its always been the first choice of ayurved doctor.


Onion is full of energetic aroma, high content of antioxidants and sulphur - containing compounds. Onion has a very important role in cure any fever or wound. It boost up our energy level as it contains compounds like selenium, high potassium and many more requisite nutrients for our body.


Onions are low in calories (50 kcal/100 g) yet add rich flavour to a wide variety of foods. Onion is known for its nutritional value and for the utility as herbal medicine in our country. It has moderate amounts of protein, fat, fibre and good amounts of calcium, phosphorous and potassium, vitamin C and B6.


If we talk about the fever, if fresh onion is cut into pieces and put near the fever patient, it absorb all the negative energy around the patients which stays in form of virus and bacteria, which cause for cold, flu and sinus like illness. one of the most critical disease, Cancer also cured by the use of onion in requisite form.


onion serves as a good medicinal compound for cataract, cardiovascular disease and cancer due to its hypo cholesterol, thrombolitic and antioxidant effects.


Onion is consumed in three form like first is fresh cut pieces, second is in dried powder form and last one is in form of oil.

1. Fresh cut pieces

2. Dried/dehydrated powder 

3. Oil


here we provide the second form of onion which is dried or dehydrated onion. it does not contain any water elements, which saves it from Here we provide the dehydrated onion powder in 4 types


1. Powder 2. Minced 3. Granules 4. Flakes


All forms has different use case.


Dehydrated Onion powder widely used in for cuisine and culinary preparations as additional asset that makes it useful in the kitchen. It used in the dish for rich flavour, allover sprinkled. We can use it in as gravy for any commercially prepared foods, home made dish, foo soups to make the creamy dips and salad dressings. we can use in salad dressings too to enrich the aroma and make food more tasty like in burgers.


Due to powder form, it mix with any veggies easily. dehydrated powder is get ready by the removing of water contents from it to keep it long lasting. it does not impact on its aroma.


Dehydrated minced onion can be use in any kind of salad as it provides the aroma of like fresh onion flavour. it is used in dressing of leafy greens, beans or grains like food. can be tossed in chicken, potato salad with the mayonnaise or a creamy dressing. It can be used in almost any cuisine food. somewhere it is widely used in soups and dips, sprinkling onto a fresh salad. it is little bit larger form than powder.

it gives great texture in food taste and delicious.


Dehydrated Onion granules are in little bit big size as compared to minced onions. If we don't have onion powder than we can use the granulated onion as substitute. Granulated onion is just likely onion powder but with more coarsely grounded form. it is also used in potatoes as sprinkler food or in salad, mix in potato patties and also in burger ingredients. if we need some coarse texture in food than we use granulated onion.


Dehydrated Onion flakes are also used in same ways likely onion powder, minced or granules but different only in size of pieces. mostly used in dressings of salads and to bring the crispiness and roasted flavour of onion in sandwiches, burgers and in sauces. used in garnishing to make the dish attractive. It can be used to add flavour for various dishes like veg gravies, hamburgers, omelet etc.